Monday, September 28, 2009

Home is...

I am an avid reader of the magazine called "Real Simple" and this month's feature question was:"What does home mean to you?"
There were an amazing array of answers from "the sound of a husband's key in the lock at the end of the day" to "total acceptance".

These answers led me to think about it for myself and here is a list of things that mean home to me:  
1.  Acceptance
2. Leaving the world at all its stressors at the door
3. Finding refuge in the arms of the man who knows ALL of me...and loves me anyway
4. My favorite ratty sleepshirt5. Sleeping in

6. A place to be myself; happy or sad, mad or glad
7. My sweet 16 year old Jack Russell, snuggled up to nap with Mommy
8. A cold Mountain Dew presented to me in bed
9. Dancing with my love, -creating moment when all is right with my world.
10. The smell that is my mom's perfume, there is no smell like it and no matter where I am, that smell reminds me of home.
Well, those are some of mine...

What things mean home to you? 


  1. 1. My wife that loves her big fat husband.
    2. The woods that surround us.
    3. My t-shirt that I sleep in that she has threatened to throw away.
    4. The drive home through the country after a long day at work.
    5. Chickens, bunnies, Daisy the wonder dog, and too many cats.


  2. Love.

    Enough said.

  3. Greg,
    Awesome response- safety and comfort should be on all our lists!Not to mention that family is usually "home" no matter where you are in the world. Being a military brat gave me proof of that! :)