Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mired in indecision

Ok-I need some help (no comments from those who know me well enough to be smart A**es and tell me you already knew that)! Josh from WSL has inspired me to switch me newbie blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I feel my site needs this upgrade.  The HELP ME part stems from an overabundance of choices: domain name, theme design, too many topics for one single niche...
So - I am asking for help from any who read this post. This decision was reinforced by a comment Heather made on Josh's birthday post, which made me feel like A FOR REAL BLOGGER: She said"I love Stephanie Smith and her blog..." I am humbled by this praise.
I chose my blog title because I am at a crossroads in my life. Working with my father has put me at a point where I dread going to work and now although I am going back to school, a solution is not in the immediate future. As I have learned from blogs like WSL and positively present, any movement or choice will make me feel more in control  and therefore happier. Half the battle is believing was a call to action for myself -to believe that despite past mistakes, I CAN have the future I once dreamt of.
I started writing articles for E-How, then decided blogging would be fun, but I did not really have a niche- like most of you, there are many faces I wear, so how to decide.....Nursing is my passion, but I love to read, ride my Harley, do fundraisers, give people info on pets, since I am a devoted dog owner...I mean, the list is long.
I am thinking of trying to create a site that has catagoties; like: nursing, pets, books, bikers, etc.
That way there is alittle bit of all of me and it will be less random than what I have been doing.
My questions are:1) domain name? At E how I used the nom de plume of Stefyspeak - it's a throwback to catch phrases, words or gestures that my family dubs uniquely "Stefy" - so maybe Stefyspeaksout.com? Mom calls me Nurse Stephie, but it's not all nursing so... I like "half the battle is believing", but it is a little long.  See what I mean? Decisions...decisions!
2.) Template sites versus puchasing a specially designed one -keep in mind HTML is a foreign language I don't speak...YET!
3.) Can I tranfer the posts on this to Word press?
       I am not looking to make big bucks on my blog, I want a community. Josh at World's Strongest Librarian has created that and every time I go there I feel engaged and heard, which inspires me to participate.
The problem with theses changes is that I can't decide- so I call out to you, my friends, my readers - for YOUR thoughts.......I need you, together we can make this a place to come and be ourselves - the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny!
I can't wait to hear what you have to say! Yes- that is me - a story for another time...


  1. Wordpress is a good choice. LTCM resides there.


    (I'm not that good with names)

  2. @Mike: I like"StefySaysSo" -not too bossy is it? Then again, I AM kinda bossy so... lol
    Wizard also came up with" Crossroads" -what do you think. I may do a poll.....
    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Crossroads is good. We are ALL at crossroads MANY times in our lives.
    StefySaysSo is not too bossy. :)

    A poll is good.


  4. Diamond Prisms & Shards

  5. OK, OK, so I goofed and did it backwards. Bass-ackwards---ass-backwards---whatever! I still like the velvetsteel one from over in my other comment. No matter what you call it, I'll read it! :)

  6. Stef,
    A comment on the pic--you're a sexy beast! DIG THOSE GUNS! No really I like the pic, it looks great and so do you! :)