Monday, August 24, 2009

Accept yourself !

Notice that the title said "accept yourself ", not "love yourself". Though both are important and some might say synonymous, I beg to disagree. Acceptance of oneself requires confidence and healthy self esteem, both of which are sorely lacking in many people.
It seems that often people put others down to gain a quick reprieve from the feelings of ineptness or inferiority or jealousy. They take pleasure in attacking other people for their looks, finances, abilities...the reasons are endless.
That is the bad side. Now, here is the good: accept myself you say...hmmm - you make it sound so simple. Not by a long shot! There will always be things you are unhappy with about yourself, but they need not define you! That is what is so great! In accepting yourself, you will also become more compassionate and accepting of others.
Let's start with an exercise. Look in the mirror. No not at all the wrinkles or pimples or any of that. Focus on your eyes - look into your eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so where else to find yourself than there?
Now, while looking into your eyes, practice telling yourself that you are beautiful. Think about it -remember a happy moment, so that the smile that curves your lips reaches up into your eyes. THAT feeling- right there-is the beginning of acceptance.
My mom gave me a beautiful card for my birthday and she gave me a compliment that brought tears to my eyes: "Your eyes light up the world. When you look me in the eyes and tell me something, I FEEL the conviction and the love & I never question how you feel for me.". Wow!
I have had periods of intense self loathing for mistakes, but I cannot regret the bad, for as trite as it may sound, without that I might never have appreciated my inner strength, my capacity for survival and my ability to adapt to the curves life has thrown my way.
Thus began my acceptance of myself. Start by appreciating the little things about yourself: the way you style your hair, the confidence in your stride, the ability to recall the waitress's name at a familiar get the idea. ACCEPT YOURSELF!
START TODAY! I CHALLENGE YOU: look in that mirror and see the beauty of YOU!!


  1. To not accept yourself is to reject what God has created.

  2. True. It is amazing that many people of faith still have a hard time seeing themselves as God sees them.