Sunday, November 1, 2009

Domain name, revisions and an apology

Ok - first thanks to ALL of you who gave me feedback on a domain name- I ended up withthe top 3:
StefySpeaksOut, velvetsteel and crossroads.  I ran them through some registration sites and since I really wanted a .com, I ended up choosing: Don't go there yet. I am in a state of revision. I have learned so much and I want my new site to be professional, easy to navigate and of course reflect my "message"(see below).  I am working on the theme and layout now. Between that and school and partly my mom's health, I have been a poor blogger lately.
For this I apologize. But I have a vision for my site to come back better and then I shall promise to devote the time it and you, so richly deserve.
Stefyspeaksout is going to be about knowledge. I believe knowledge is power! It enables us in so many ways. School, life experience, books, blogs, it is all fodder for us to be all that we CAN be, the potential of each one of us is unlimited and so TOGETHER we can reach our potential!

So please try to be patient as I work to provide a better venue to share myself and my thoughts in an effort to create a community where we can all enable ourselves to be our best. Or on the days when your best is out of reach, just be...there is always tommorow, and with life, there is hope.

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