Friday, July 17, 2009

Once upon a time...

Once I had big dreams, bright as stars. I would be a nurse. it seemed so natural, since mom had been sick off and on most of my life.

I studied hard and received my LVN in 1996, with a perfect 4.0. Yes, I will brag, for I was full to bursting with my accomplishment and I had earned it! Put myself through college, between scholarships and a grant, as well as a part time gig as a nurses' assistant.
I did not intend on stopping there, no, not I! I dreamt of a BSN , then a Master's, perhaps even a Phd! I was on the fast track. Nursing was my soul, it defined me and I did it well. I say that not to boast, but rather from the feedback of my patients, their families and the staff I worked with. So life is great, right?
It least until I made a stupid mistake -one that ironically had NOTHING AT ALL to do with nursing and EVERYthing to do with being raised in a culture where nudity is not frowned upon and one is taught to celebrate their body & their sexuality.
To make a long story fairly short, a 16 year old friend of my then stepson came to our house and accidentally saw my boobs. I was in my pool, in our backyard and I was home alone when I first went out there topless with only a towel.
Now here comes the controversy....some reading this will be like "so what, big deal" and others will be horrified and outraged. I have heard it all before-believe me. Regardless of your stance, I ask not for forgiveness nor even for understanding. I have been forgiven by the only ONE with the power to do so.
Religion aside, for someone who thought of herself as worldly...imagine my shock when the teenager's mom pressed charges with the D.A. -it had actually not even occurred to me that I had committed an illegal act! (Keep my previous post and upbringing in mind)
I learned then that I was about to lose all I had worked for, not to mention that the dreams I was cultivating for the future were soon to be ripped to shreds.
More to come soon. This blog is not so much about my experiences with the justice system, as background for future posts. More on this later.


  1. ok, are you serious? you were in your very own pool in your own yard? how can that be? makes me happy i'm not living in the country of my birth..americans are so uptight.

    cool that you lived in DK...thanks for stopping by our blog, by the way. :-)

    and is your blogger name--stefy speak a reference to dubravka ugresic? :-) because that would be so cool!

  2. Yes- I was in my own yard...scary thought, huh? You are so right -Americans are very uptight about nudity.
    I hope to make a trip to DK & Germany next year to visit some friends-your posts are a fond reminder of my youth!
    thanks for your comment!