Thursday, July 23, 2009

Timeout for romance

I did not mean to go several days without a post, but occasionally I have to have that special time with my husband. It renews my heart and spirit. He is a romantic at heart, frequently writing me notes and letters "just because" that never fail to make my heart swell with love. These love notes are something I advocate for all couples. Even if it's a quick note by the coffeepot wishing your honey a great day, you will be amazed at what those few words can do.
Frisco (my husband...more on the name origin later) truly has the soul of a poet and he is the rock I cling to when the world is spinning so fast, you wish you had a pause button. He is one of the few people I have ever known who is a constant. Few will ever have the opportunity to know him well, but those of us that do are amazed at the integrity and honor he displays daily. When I tell him these things,he is modest and shrugs it off- I wish he could stand outside himself and see what I see, what his friends see... At our wedding, I overheard his best man say to someone of Frisco:" he is the kind of guy that does the right thing, even when no one is looking." What a statement to have made about you - that to me was a priceless gift.
Now, don't get me wrong, though I extol his virtues here because they are true, by no means is he perfect and thank God for that! Who could live with THAT?! :) Aside from that, if we never had differences, we wouldn't appreciate the things we do have in common and how we balance each other out.
I am a very Type A personality, straightforward, blunt, and honest. Frisco has taught me finesse- not manipulation, FINESSE.
The simple art of taking the extra time to be polite, caring or even patient. Let me give you an example: I needed to call and ask my friend if she could come over to groom our dog and we would pay her for it. Instead of me calling her & pretty much blurting out exactly that with no preamble, I have learned it is much nicer, not to mention more civilized, to take a few moments to engage in some polite chit chat, then ease into an inquiry of my friends' schedule, ending with asking the question I wanted.
See the difference? Finesse. We laugh about it now, but it has served me well, especially in sales and customer service. Sometimes forward is good, but most people will appreciate the finesse approach infinitely more.
Which type are you? Do you use finesse? I am eager to receive your thoughts.

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  1. Good post. I'm so laid back that most people do not consider me a threat, once they get to know me. But being laid back comes at a price. A lot of times you can get taken advantage of.

    I havent a clue what type personality I am. I know that in a lot of respects, I am like Peter in the bible. He began as a loudmouth, boisterous, daredevil of a fisherman, who after years of serving God turned into one of the most humble men who ever walked.

    I'm mellowing with age. And that is a good thing.