Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Positive thoughts for hump day!

Since it's Wednesday, I thought I would share some positive quotes I saw recently. I subscribe to several online newsletters/site, like & They provide great motivation and provoke new thought processes.
One article had this reference from Elise Robinson:
"Things may happen around you and things may happen to you, but the only thing that matters is what happens in you. In the midst of chaos, you have to brace yourself, build your faith, feed your mind with positive materials, and seek opportunities you've never considered before. You should be getting stronger, smarter, and strategizing to launch a new life, blindsiding everyone with your success..."
That is so true- in fact I hardly watch the news anymore- who needs all that negativity? It can be hard enough for some people to muster the positive energy to face going to a job they don't like or dealing with family members who are making poor decisions that affect them, much less hearing about bad news around the world!
So today I am actually going to leave this short post....really, a short one! :)
My final thought for today may sound trite, but it is oh so true: "Tough times don't last, TOUGH PEOPLE DO!" (Robert Schuller)
Today's question - how tough are you?

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